Do Something

John Delavera’s latest Blog post at turbolighthouse talked about ‘Doing Something’.
It was very inspirational to me.

I have the latest Eagles CD (two CD’s came with it actually) and have listed to it a few times, but not really familiar with all the songs.

But after reading John’s post – and listening to the audio portion of it – the next morning I was driving out to mountains taking my boys skiing and was listening to the Eagles.

They have a song called ‘Do Something’. It is about recovering from a lost love, but with only a few changes, majority of the lyrics are very applicable to John’s post.

So here is the slightly revised lyrics –> Do Something:

I’ve been walkin’
through the fields
And on the streets of town
Trying to make sense of
what this all is
Everything that I believed in
Has been turned upside down
And now it seems the
whole wide world’s gone

But when I feel like giving up
And I’m ready to walk away
In the stillness, I can hear
A voice inside me say

Do something
Do something
It’s too late for saving face
Don’t just stand there
takin’ up space
Why don’t you do something?
Do something
It’s not over
No, it’s never too late

Do something
Don’t leave it up for someone else
Don’t feel sorry for yourself
Why don’t you do something?
Do something
It’s not over
No, it’s never too late

Run away
You can’t run away
For your honor
For your pride
You’ll sleep better
Knowin’ you tried

To do something
Do something
It’s too easy not to care
You’re not ready for
the rockin’ chair
Get up and do something
Do something
Don’t wait too long
Even if it’s wrong
You’ve got to do something
Do something
It’s not over
No, it’s never too late

Onward and Upward,

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  1. Joe says:

    Hey, I like your blog. I was wondering if you would mind if I added a link to it in the blogroll I’m going to make on my advertising and marketing blog? Keep up the good posts. I get alot out of them.

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