More to Come!

I just finished downloading and reading the report of John Reese.

It starts out with some pretty dire predictions about the future of business online. I am not sure if I agree with him on this area. I personally think the opportunities are immense, and relatively untapped in a very many areas. Huge room for growth even in bring the technology available online to everyday business people.

I also think that future ideas, inventions and strategies will also help as many entrepreneurs as it will hurt – probably will help more.

So his dire predictions don’t jive with me too much.

But the rest of his report – where he starts getting positive – that is pure GOLD!

John says that ‘Content is Kong!’ – as in King Kong. I fully believe that!

I see to many websites thrown together, lots and lots of information, but really no valuable information.

OR if there is good information it can’t be found. Too much dirt hiding the jewels.

You gotta make it easy folks!

You have THREE SECONDS and then their gone!

Give them a straight line path to what they want. Serve it up on a silver platter. Make it appealing.

He talks about changes in online selling, about quality, about serving your customer, about giving real value.

Now that I can relate to fully.

I have been face to face, belly to belly with my clients day in and day out in my ‘real’ job. I love every minute of those interactions. I love my clients, and I think, and hope that they love me. They seem to by their actions.

It is about serving, about building relationships – about giving, helping them to succeed.

Zig Ziglar, when I say him in LA in December said, ‘Help enough people to succeed and you will succeed beyond your wildest imagination!’

Looking back over the last year I have been actively taking part in online marketing, one of the most frustrating things is that I have not made a whole pile of money.

So has it been a year of failure?

Why did I not strike it rich? Why did I not make large sums of money like many others have the past year?

Yes I could blame it on the fact I was working full time, I have a family, two boys who are active in a great many sports and activities that I help with coaching, volunteering, etc. But no – it has nothing to do with that.

The number one reason I have not made very much is that I do not have a product. And I don’t like selling tools that can’t help people if they don’t know what to do with them.

Sure I could have slapped together some ebook or report. Grabbed a few plr baskets and got to work marketing them in give aways and fire sales and seven buck sales.

But I just can’t see the point – am I helping anybody.

And that is what John talks about – are you helping people online? Are you SERVING your clients or just selling to them.

That is critical – because if you are helping people – you will have long term success.

If not – fast bucks may come your way for a while, but you will end up fighting for scraps all your life.

So much of what John talks about – about wanting a site, wanting the products while your learning, and nobody offering them – so building them yourself.

I feel that same way all the time – and have tried to build (at my speed and my level of experience) a similar long lasting solution for my clients. I am working at it – and now I will be with renewed vigor.

I have had much success! I have built a strong base, have learnt, have networked, have created, have collaborated.

Now I am ready for even more!

So look out, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

Onward and Upward,


P.S. If you haven’t read John Reese’s report then go over to http://www.income.com/blog/ and get it – Free and not even an email sign-up.

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