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Todays post is a little off topic to what usually  I post here on this blog.  But it relates in a couple ways.

First and foremost, this is about my experiences, and relaying quality information to you that I come across.  So because this is something that I am doing, then it does fall into that category.

And second, I want to compare and contrast some difference in real life, and in a very distinct niche, with the area of Internet Marketing.

I am at a conference put on by the Alberta Agriculture Economics Associatiaon and the University of Alberta called Visions 2007.

In general the topic is wide ranging about various areas of opportunity for rural Alberta and Agriculture here in Alberta.

And most of the speakers come from an educational background. You might even say the room is fairly full of eggheads. (I think I say more economic profs here than I did when I got my economic degree – but hey, classes were secondary to the pub back then).

That brings me to one very remarkable contrast.  The level of presentation – skills, salesmanship, ppt, etc.  In the IM area, and also in the sales industry which I come from, the level is at the top.  Even smaller seminars and individual presentations (especially in the financial services) have amazing ppt’s, and the level of skill of the presenters is top level. And the presentation is designed to sell – whether direct or indirect.

At this conference, the information is good – maybe a little dry at times.  But the presenters are not at the same level.

The other contrast is the level of IM integration.  Of a room of 200 people, I would probably estimate that almost 100% use computers regularly.  But I would say that the percentage that use ecommerce would be less than 30%.  And from any discussions I have had, that the percentage that have had access to any ‘info-product’ online marketer would be less than 10% and probably closer to 5%.  So really here is a huge untapped market.  Not that you will sell them IM products, but some niche info product will work for them.

What I really want to let you know, and hope you come away with this message.  The opportunity to take the concepts and strategies that are used for online marketing to the real world and use them in a niche is immense.  The topics presented have ranged from bio-diesel, rural development, environment, trade issues, processing, etc.  And all these areas have access to funding, access to variety of growth opportunities, have companies with cash looking for opportunities, and need our services and knowledge.

We can take what happens online, what we learn day to day and apply it to an outside niche to make a huge difference.  The opportunities are endless.


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