Online Marketing Basics

I talked to a good friend of mine yesterday. A lady that is very smart, excellent
business skills – actually more of a natural talent for business as she does not
have the training nor years of experience – but can and does fit right in with
ceo’s, managers and trained business experts.

Anyway, we were talking about marketing ideas and the conversation was moving
towards online marketing and the internet marketing industry. She has no personal
knowledge or experience in the so called ‘Internet Marketing’ industry so I
had to give her a brief introduction.

Now one would think that with all the newbie guides out there, and different
introductory courses it would be easy to describe internet marketing in laymans
terms to a new person. Especially one with business and marketing savvy.

But I found it extremely hard to find the right way to describe this industry
without sounding completely ludicrous – ‘You sell information to people where,
and why do they buy this if they can’t see it, and why would they not go to
a book store and buy it for half that price, and …..’

I have really known for some time that the ‘Internet Marketing’ industry is
quite incestuous. If you don’t already belong, you really don’t see the point,
or the potential. And everybody sells to other marketers.

Well I managed to get the point across to her. I first talked about Ebay (everybody knows a little about that). Then showed her an example of affiliate marketing using real products (Walmart, nhl.com, and software).

I then went on to show her affiliate marketing using courses and ebooks (great
example was John Reese’s Traffic Secrets course which I just made a $150 commission on the day before – an amazing course).

I then showed her a little bit on Clickbank.

The lightbulbs started flashing in her eyes as she saw the amazing potential
on the internet!

Now if I was unscrupulous and she was not a dear friend, at this point my ‘sales
training’ should have kicked into high gear and I should have extolled the virtues
of how easy it was to make a living online, or better yet – to make more than
you ever dreamed.

And then closed the sale with some great ebook or course for $97.

Of course I did not – instead I warned her that for every success their are
tens or even hundreds of failures. And that internet marketing is hard work,
lots of learning, many trial and tribulations to get the copy right, to gather
the traffic, to make the sale, and to keep consistent results.

But it really was an eye opener to try to explain this whole concept to someone
to make them understand and believe.

And the best part is the concepts that are used in internet marketing can be
applied to any business to make it more successful.!

more to come . . .

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