Sales Funnels work for your Biz

Ever heard of a sales funnel? It’s like a super cool journey for buyers on your website. Let me break it down for you!
A sales funnel is like a slide for shoppers. Imagine you’re at a water park. First, you check out all the slides (Awareness). Then, you pick your fave and climb up (Interest). Next, you whoosh down the slide (Decision). Finally, you splash into the pool and buy something (Action).
Okay, let’s get into details. Awareness is when people know about a product. Maybe they see an ad or hear about it from friends. It’s like when you first learn about a new toy or game.
Now, Interest is when you’re curious. You start checking out the details and features. Imagine you’re looking at the toy box, reading all the cool stuff it can do. That’s Interest!
Decision time! You’ve compared the options and decided on the perfect toy. In the sales funnel, it’s like saying, “Yep, this is the one I want!” Just like picking which flavor of ice cream to get.
Finally, Action is when you dive in and make the purchase. Clicking the “Buy Now” button is like jumping into the pool. You’ve finished the slide, and now you have your awesome new toy!
But wait, there’s more! After Action, some funnels have one more step called Advocacy. It’s when you love your new toy so much that you tell all your friends. Like giving them a sneak peek of the water park fun!
So, a sales funnel is a journey. First, people know about a product (Awareness), then they get curious (Interest), make a choice (Decision), and finally, they buy it (Action). Some might even become super fans and tell everyone about it (Advocacy).
Just like choosing a slide at the water park, the sales funnel helps guide people from “What’s this?” to “I need it now!” And that’s how the sales funnel takes them through the buying process on your website.

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