Consistency and morale

One thing I have found about working from home and working online is that dealing with the ups and downs is an important part of the game. I have a natural tendency to procrastinate. And I love to tackle new projects, come up with new ideas, help others. So I have a big problem with starting too much, and never finishing things on time (or at all). One thing I have come to realize is that scheduling is very important. When I first began thinking about working from home, having my own business, I always thought that ‘freedom’ and ‘flexibility’ were the most important things. So I resisted strongly having a set schedule. I could do what I wanted when I wanted. No timelines, no worries, no strict corporate scheduling. But what I have found is that scheduling and being disciplined is what allows one to have ‘Freedom’ and ‘Flexibility’. Without having a schedule, and …

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Affiliate Programs

I thought I would write a brief post on here now, and add more later. I just finished listening to an audio regarding running affiliate programs. It was excellent, and gave me many great ideas. If you do not have your own affiliate program, you are missing out on a wonderful opportunity to increase your sales. An affiliate program multiplies your ability to sell your products. After listening to this audio, I am going to focus more energy into setting up my affiliate program. I want it world class, as it is the best way to leverage my work. I won’t add any more than this at present, but want you to send in any ideas and question, and will put them all together in a mini-report. Jack

Html, CSS, SSI and other scary acronyms

I learned to set up web pages using html. This was way back in the 90’s. At the time text based editors were all that were available, at least for free. Sure if you had a few hundred bucks to spare you could get Frontpage. I think that was a good thing. The prevalence of WYSIWYG editors these days, along with wizards that do everything for you, has led to some pretty awful websites. Not saying those sites set up with text editors were all that great back there either, but at least the code was decent. I have never claimed to be creative when it comes to design, colors, etc. I know it is far from being one of my strengths. But I do know the basics on setting up a website. I believe anyone serious about their online business needs to know the basics of html. It is just too important to be …

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Business Wide or Deep

Ask any business consultant or internet marketing guru and they will tell you that you should focus on one are. Go Deep in one niche, one customer segment, master one product, one strategy, before moving on to another. I have said this to people myself, and I feel it is true advice. It increases your chances of success exponentially. Not only does it make you an expert in what you are doing in shorter time, it will give you quicker success, less mistakes, and increase you optimism about your chances of business success. SO . . . the big question is why don’t I do it? My online business is not a mile wide – it is miles wide! And not very deep or focused in any particular area. True I have not been really at this game very long. I have been on the internet, playing around at trying to make a bit of …

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Simply Go Try This!

I have been looking, over the past 6 months, for a good – no scratch that – a great tracking program. One of the key things I have picked up on in learning about Internet Marketing is that testing and tracking is very very important. It can make the average marketer great. So I wanted to know what was happening on all my sites. Who was visiting, how they go there, what links brought them there, what they did when they got there. All this information. Well I quickly learned that there are really 2 sides to the tracking issue. The first can be described as Website Analytics. This is looking at your website, and watching who visits. Through log files, or code placed on your site, you can know alot about your visitor including the IP address, their location, which site they came from, etc. You can see what they clicked on, and what …

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