A definite MUST READ!

I just passed on a list of blogs that are either funny, interesting or informative.  Great to look over and see what you like. I can’t tell you what to read.  To each his own.  Depending on the content, the writing style, etc, you will find what you like to read. But I urge you to try to find a good source of information that you can follow on an ongoing basis.  This will give you greater insight into the words, the hidden meanings, the references to past posts. You will get a much greater experience by finding the blogs you like, and checking them on a regular basis. And do this not only for business, but also for pleasure! One that I have just started to read – actually because he just started to write it in the last month is John Delavera’s Blog. I like his style, his deep thinking, the fact he …

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Here are a couple more: http://www.1cleancomputer.blogspot.com/ http://www.dollars2blog.com/blog/ http://acmeaims.com/website-traffic hey – I better mention my fun blog http://zedfun.blogspot.com/ Now you have lots of stuff to waste your days! Jack Jack

a variety of blogs for your pleasure

Here is an eclectic list of blogs – mainly geared at fun, frolic, and some food. http://alternativehealthylifestyle.blogspot.com/ http://candy-recipes.blogspot.com/ http://vladimir.pixeltomorrow.com/ http://www.hippiespelunker.blogspot.com/ http://laughwithresearchowl.wordpress.com/ http://www.hockeypools.blogspot.com/ http://www.goodiesndeals.blogspot.com/ http://www.samstephens.com/blog/ http://www.gas-mileage-tips.com/ http://happyslobbargains.blogspot.com/ http://themosttrustedguyontheinternet.com/blog/ Enjoy Jack

Post Gone – and forgotten

Yesterday I wrote a fairly long post about Change. It was a good one, in my opinion. I talked about how people ususally do not embrace change, rather they avoid it. But they should go after it. Change equals opportunity! I also talked about ways to change your attitudes toward change. And ways to encourage change in your life. Then I hit the wrong button, and the post was gone! I wanted to re-create that post, but I could not. It was original thoughts, that were flowing out of me, from ideas and feelings at the time. It may come to me again, but I cannot force it. So today, I want to mention a couple items that I want to focus on in the near future. I want to go over a number of essential tools that are needed for online success. Some are new, some are old, but all are essential. Speaking about …

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I have done some soul searching lately. Really trying to nail down who I am and what I want. Part of this is a result that I am frustrated with my day job. Not having the tools and not given the freedom to run the business as I want to has left me without a vision for that business. And this keeps me from giving 100%, which is something that really eats at me. I am also frustrated with my online business. In my mind it is growing and developing, but I don’t have the time and resources to physically build what I want. This leads me to wondering what it is that I really want. Where do I want to focus my limited resources of time – energy – money. So that leads me to a number of very intelligent people that I have read their books, listened to their tapes and followed their …

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