Website – Hurting or Helping?

Over the last couple of weeks, we’ve been talking to owners and managers about putting their website on one of our directories. Many have been very interested, but I may have to turn many of them down. Not that I want to. After all, they were willing to pay me to be in the directory. I may have to turn them down because I told them that their web site was currently hurting them more than it was helping them. That is, it was poorly designed, confusing, slow, and unattractive or it didn’t include sufficient content to interest or convince anyone to pick up […]

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Where has January GONE???

It has been a fabulous month – but has it ever flown by!! What is new in Zed-Town??? Well, we are on the verge of not one, but two major launches to go along with Western Canada Business Network – more to come very soon. I officially launched my own E-Zine.  The Jack Zenert E-Zine will come out bi-monthly.  It will be filled with the latest in marketing and business advice.  I have created a sign up page at www.jackzenert.com – check it out! And personally I have had a very busy month on getting some large marketing consulting contracts. Short and sweet –

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Newsletter Volume 1 Issue 1

Jack E. Zenert ZedBiz Marketing Solution Specialist Volume I Issue 1 Inaugural Issue. I am going to focus on me right now. Too bad for you. Well not really. I think that if you have some idea where I am coming from, you will get more out of my newsletter. Does that make sense? So … who am I? … why am I writing this newsletter? My name is Jack E. Zenert. Ok, ok – I know the first question is what does the ‘E’ stand for? For years I used the ‘E’ when ever I signed my name, and people always asked me

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About Jack

About Jack . hmmmmm … . about me . .What should I say? Well, should I talk about where I was born – Saskatoon – and how I lived there for the first 4 years of my life.  No – I will leave that out. Then, I have to talk about growing up on the farm. About picking bales (the square ones, not the round ones – although I picked alot of both), about riding horses, and riding open tractors.  About the cows, the sheep, the fields of wheat and barley, the dirt, the drought, or the rain storms. So much to write about

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Too Long . .

I have neglected posting here for too long. What have I been up to?? Well – for starters – getting WCB Network – Western Canada Business Network LAUNCHED! Also there was Christmas, that trip to LA for Disney, the conference in LA with Dan Kennedy, Bill Glazer, Yanik Silver and Derek Gehl. Busy busy busy. But I will get on track – and I have so much to convey here – ideas, thoughts, strategies, solutions. So get ready – hold on to your hat – because here I come in 2007! Jack

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