Website Design – WordPress? Html? or ??

I like to think I keep an open mind about most things. Working for a variety of clients in many industries, you get to hear all kinds of opinions.  Not that I believe it all.  But I need to not dismiss the thoughts, beliefs and ideals of the people I work with (no matter how dillusional they seem to be). One area that there is lots of discussion is around the tools and underlying format to use when building a website.  This debate has been going on for some time.  I remember the discussions I had with my brother-in-law years ago as we debated Front Page vs. Dreamweaver and the resulting code created by each. I went through a phase where I developed many sites using Dreamweaver’s revolutionary templates with editable areas.  I have tried php based sites, using content management systems like Joomla and Drupal, and have done lots of sites with static html. …

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Organizational Behaviour

If you have taken any business related education or know someone who has – you have probably heard the term Organizational Behaviour.  It is one of the least understood disciplines relating to business – and often it is taught in completely the wrong way. Unfortunately too often organizational behaviour focuses on the theory rather than on the practical applications of organizational behaviour.  As well, many organizational behaviour courses put too much emphasis on the individual within the organization.  The power of using the science of organizational behaviour comes from the ability to use the theories relating to the organization (not the individual) to determine applicable solutions to real world organizations. The number one application that a sound background and understanding in organizational behaviour can assist with is to create a meaningful vision for your company and a mission statement that you and all your stakeholders can understand and implement.  Crafting vision and mission statements is …

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Your Marketing Strategy

Do you have a marketing strategy? What is a marketing strategy? Your marketing strategy is the core of your marketing plan. It includes your target market.  Add to that your core product – which directly matches your target market needs and is customized to fulfill their wants. Now the next step is crucial. Do you have a plan to effectively gather customers AND then systematically move them through a sales process where you continue to sell them MORE. Now I was intentionally vague by saying only MORE.  The MORE can be another product, it can be a regular on-going service, it can be an up-sell, a down-sell or a cross-sell. Again look at the crucial step above – too many organizations only focus their marketing on the first stage – trying to find that magic formula to effectively gather customers.  That is only 20% of the reason for success for a business.  Like the Pareto …

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Business Focus

Purpose of Business Think of your business as gathering customers! How do you find and keep customers. Do not worry about profits at the start – instead focus on the customer. Perfect Customer Who is your perfect customer? Describe your target market. Who is NOT your favourite customer? Customer Satisfaction Business success is all about customer satisfaction. Need to satisfy your customer so they buy again. Then need to build on referrals – by having satisfied customers refer you. How will you – – and your customer – – measure satisfaction? Value What is the VALUE that you add – describe it – how can it be measured or recorded. Is that value the same for all customers? What increases that value? What could decrease that value? What is in if for me? (Me being your customer) Core Product What is your Core Product? What emotional need is fulfilled by your product? What are you …

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Blog for your business

I have talked about how simple it is to use WordPress to create your business website. And having a website on the internet is no longer an option for a business – it is a necessity! Having a business blog is an option – a very nice option to add to your business. It is a great way to market your business and communicate with your clients. A good online friend – Lynette Chandler – has just posted some great ideas about creating and maintaining your business blog – I fully recommend you read it. Lynette’s blog is called TechBasedMarketing.  She is a whiz at anything and everything regarding internet technology.