Twitter Updates for 2009-02-22

I just downloaded The Social Media Myth at http://www.socialmediamyth.com (via @michellem) – Some excellent info here that really made sense # researching social media reading reports from joel comm about twitter and Michelle M about social networking # Win an iPod Touch by tweeting! Follow @joelcomm and visit http://twitterpower.com/win/ for details. #winipod Please RT! # Powered by Twitter Tools.

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Business Plan

The big 3 auto makers were in Washington yesterday.  Flew in on their private jets asking for money.  Now personally I think it makes sense that if they have a jet – and they probably need it – that they would use them to get to Washington – practical – logical – from a business standpoint. But from a marketing standpoint when you have to look at what the everyday person will think of you, and especially when you are trying to persuade politicians who worry enormously about public perception think – well then flying in on a private jet to ask for a

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Wealth equals Business plus Time

Wealth . . .True Wealth. Is that not what we all wish for. Freedom, Opportunity, Dreams, Happiness – things we strive to achieve. That is what personal and business wealth planning is all about.  No matter what you have done in the past, who you are, what you do, how old you are, where you live – you can realize your dreams. Your personal future can be a success – and the key to that future is your own business.  The challenge is to learn how to balance personal and business and how they are intertwined to create your own dynamic wealth creation machine. 

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In Marketing – Everything MATTERS!

Everything about your business matters.  The first impression that a customer gets when he first sees the building as he parks his car will matter.  And again the first impression as he walks in the door, and meets you or your employees. The logo that signifies your business matters, as does the signage inside and out.  The product displays and advertising about your business has a huge impact on your customer. The business cleanliness, the paint job, the type of building all matter.  The quality of your product is very important and definitely matters.  As does the quantity of your product the customer receives.

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Recession Proof your Business

What will happen? World markets are in rough shape.  Banks are spiralling out of control – no faith in lending. Governments to the rescue – will that help. Your Business! What to do to make it survive? First thing – focus on your existing customers.  Treat them like gold. You will not keep them all in a recession, but keep as many as you can.  Give them no reason to leave.  Give as much value as you can.  Meet their needs and wants.  And communicate – customers love to be talked too!

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