In Marketing – Everything MATTERS!

Everything about your business matters.  The first impression that a customer gets when he first sees the building as he parks his car will matter.  And again the first impression as he walks in the door, and meets you or your employees.

The logo that signifies your business matters, as does the signage inside and out.  The product displays and advertising about your business has a huge impact on your customer.

The business cleanliness, the paint job, the type of building all matter.  The quality of your product is very important and definitely matters.  As does the quantity of your product the customer receives.

The location of your business  – which part of town it is in.  Also the location on the street, whether your customer had to cross traffic to enter your parking lot.  Also did he have room to park his car – even that matters.

And back to you and your employees.  What they say to your customer is of the utmost importance.  Did they greet him warmly?  Did you speak with knowledge and sincerity.  Was there rapport built and did the conversation flow freely.  This all matters.  In Marketing – everything MATTERS!

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