Connecting with your Customer

Way to many businesses don’t properly connect with their customers.  Even the businesses that deal face to face – often don’t do a great job.

Sometimes it is a problem with staff training.  Sometimes it is simply not enough time. Or inefficient systems can also hinder good connections with your customer.

Well Sandra Forest outlines eight solid strategies to increase connections with your customer.

She explains these strategies in relation to a new 15 second video platform called Viddy.

But I believe these same ideas can be used in different platforms, be it online, or in real life.

Here are the list of strategies to increase customer connections;

  • Create and Share Events
  • Highlight Company milestones
  • Share how-to advice and various other tips
  • Create sales that help your customer and promote them to your customers.
  • Make it fun – have contests, or give-aways
  • Showcase customer testimonials – and even add in here – referrals
  • Increase the quality of your marketing – make it more personal, better graphics, or work on the message.

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