Organizational Behaviour

If you have taken any business related education or know someone who has – you have probably heard the term Organizational Behaviour.  It is one of the least understood disciplines relating to business – and often it is taught in completely the wrong way.

Unfortunately too often organizational behaviour focuses on the theory rather than on the practical applications of organizational behaviour.  As well, many organizational behaviour courses put too much emphasis on the individual within the organization.  The power of using the science of organizational behaviour comes from the ability to use the theories relating to the organization (not the individual) to determine applicable solutions to real world organizations.

The number one application that a sound background and understanding in organizational behaviour can assist with is to create a meaningful vision for your company and a mission statement that you and all your stakeholders can understand and implement.  Crafting vision and mission statements is one of businesses most frustrating processes.  It can be the difference between a good business and a great one; between a job and a satisfying career for your employees.  Your vision and mission statement is critical to your long term sustainability in this ever changing world.

Another practical application of organizational behaviour is to understand and utilize the concept of leadership.  First on the task list is to separate leadership from management.  Not physically separate, but to understand the difference.  Next is to understand your followers.  As well you must be able to see the natural leaders within your organization.  Finally you must understand your own leadership style and abilities and be able to build on this understanding.  Leadership is a skill that can be practiced and improved upon.

Advanced theories in organizational behaviour can be used to properly structure a larger organization and to improve communication and functionality within these organizations.  Again using real life examples and case studies show the true value in the science of organizational behaviour.

If you have not studied organizational behaviour at some point in your lifelong education – I would suggest that you find a way to learn more about this fundamental business topic.

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