What is an E-Marketing Strategy?

E-Marketing – wikipedia defines it as ‘digital marketing or online marketing – where your market or promote your product or service over the internet.’ Creating your E-Marketing strategy begins – like any other marketing strategy – with your target market and your USP. From there you have to determine your customers buying behaviour related to the internet. How do they interact online? What actions are they taking – related to the internet – that leads them to purchasing your product or service. The review of the online buying behaviour should allow you to determine which online tools will be most impactful to your target […]

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Communication Problems in Business

The one problem area in communication that still gives me the heebie jeebies is email. I use it every day – tons!!! But . .. it is so easy to make a mistake, say the wrong thing, convey the wrong meaning. **  ** Catch this post in Video ** ** The problem is there is not tonality – you can’t hear inflection that defines so much meaning in what people say.  Sure we can add those little variations of smiley faces – but do they really do the job. I see it in my coworkers as well – some jump in with both feet,

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