Website Design – WordPress? Html? or ??

I like to think I keep an open mind about most things. Working for a variety of clients in many industries, you get to hear all kinds of opinions.  Not that I believe it all.  But I need to not dismiss the thoughts, beliefs and ideals of the people I work with (no matter how dillusional they seem to be). One area that there is lots of discussion is around the tools and underlying format to use when building a website.  This debate has been going on for some time.  I remember the discussions I had with my brother-in-law years ago as we debated […]

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Goals for your Website

Before you create your website there is one thing that will make the difference between success and struggle… …setting the right goals. What are your website goals? What do you want your website to accomplish? Here are some potential goals to consider: Keep clients and prospects up to date Share news about your industry Sell a product/products Sell a service Journal your thoughts, ideas or knowledge about a topic. Discuss a topic you’re passionate about Entertain Promote the products of others (affiliate marketing) Provide a community for shared interests Consider also where you see your website a year, five years and ten years from

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Alone in the Universe

According to a news article I just read we may not be alone in the universe. http://www.cnn.com/2009/TECH/space/02/25/galaxy.planets.kepler/index.html Imagine what it might be like to actually meet someone from one of these worlds. There have been tons of movies and TV shows about this.  Star Trek is probably the most famous, where they had many interactions with different worlds and different peoples. But now – this puts this fictional show in a whole new light.  Is it really possible.  Not sure about you, but I really did not consider it reality until today.  But the chances are there could be other life and other people

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Efficiency and Local Marketing

Does anyone use their mouse with the left hand? I would think that many left-handed people do, but I know even some of them use the mouse with the right hand, just because that is the way they were taught, and that is where the mouse sits on most desks.  But is this the most efficient way? What got me thinking was that – as usual – I was multi-tasking on 3-4 websites, as well as drinking coffee and needed to take a few notes (one of the sites was a webinar I was watching).  Well that go me thinking that here I was

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