Organizational Behaviour

Organizational Behaviour

If you have taken any business related education or know someone who has – you have probably heard the term Organizational Behaviour.  It is one of the least understood disciplines relating to business – and often it is taught in completely the wrong way. Unfortunately too often organizational behaviour focuses on the theory rather than on the practical applications of organizational behaviour.  As well, many organizational behaviour courses put too much emphasis on the individual within the organization.  The power of using the science of organizational behaviour comes from the ability to use the theories relating to the organization (not the individual) to determine […]

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Keep marketing and growing your business

I am busy these days.  I just finished up teaching a full slate of classes in April.  All the papers and exams to mark – it was a busy month. Then in May – I was out farming in Saskatchewan.  Once you have dirt in your blood – you just can’t stop.  And grain prices are getting better – so it is actually starting to be profitable to farm again – as long as you watch your expenses. Then picked up a contract to develop and put online 4 new marketing courses – so busy with that.  Some of them are for high school

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