Determining Content in your B2B Website

There are two key things related to how to set up the content on a B2B website. First what is the buyer behaviour of your prospects and second, how does your website fit into your company’s sales process. Let’s go over the various ways that a B2B company could use their website in their sales …

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Facebook Vanity url

Do you want a nice neat url such as www.facebook.com/zenert instead of all those ugly numbers and such. It is very easy to do and the sooner you do it, the more choice you will have in choosing what name to put after facebook.com. Simply go to https://www.facebook.com/username/ and grab your own url.

Marketing Ideas

Looking for some marketing ideas? Try these: Build on your existing clientele with an active referral based program. Redevelop your website to focus on a professional level of service. Review your website existing pages to obtain high search engine visibility. Implement an email autoresponder service on your website to communicate directly with potential customers. Implement …

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