Marketing Ideas

Looking for some marketing ideas? Try these:

  • Build on your existing clientele with an active referral based program.
  • Redevelop your website to focus on a professional level of service.
  • Review your website existing pages to obtain high search engine visibility.
  • Implement an email autoresponder service on your website to communicate directly with potential customers.
  • Implement B2B networking methods to promote your services within your marketplace – such as cross-referral programs.
  • Utilize cost effective media (newspapers, community newsletters, public radio, and online advertising) where appropriate.
  • Examine organizing seminars and workshops related to your business.
  • Register your business in various information directories both online and offline.
  • Publish articles online and offline.
  • Incorporate a blog into your online activities.
  • Strengthen word of mouth marketing to become the trusted authority in your marketplace.
  • Introduce an employee reward/incentive program for new sales.

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