Alberta safe driving Law

Alberta’s safe driving law comes into play today, so no longer will you see people dialling cell phones, eating Big Mac’s or putting on their make-up (sorry ladies).

Saskatchewan has had this law for quite some time, and since I travel there way too often, I had purchased a Bluetooth headset some time ago.

Purchase . .and use are too very different behaviours.

I tried it out, and it was ok. But then came the reality that this extra device must now be with me in the vehicle. And it must be charged.  And it must be on my ear in time to answer a phone call.  Hmmm – a lot of requirements for a simple man like me.

I did use it sporadically, but more often than not it was not charged, or I simply forgot to grab it.

Then about two months ago, I was planning on ‘getting used to it’ more for regular use as I knew I would need not only when driving to Saskatchewan, but also on a regular basis here in Alberta.  The problem was that I could not find the charging cord.  I spent time going through the millions of cords I have acquired from old cell phones, cameras, and other devices.

No luck – nothing would fit.

So I put my ‘phased in’ use idea on the back-burner until the cord showed up.

On Tuesday I did another look through my desk, my laptop bag, my miscellaneous cords, my vehicles – still nothing.

Now it was getting close to the time I needed this.

I had to grab some school supplies that day at Staples, so I walked through the tech area to look at headsets.  Almost bought a new one – but thought ‘No – the cord has to be somewhere.’

So last night – just before my youngest son went to bed – he came out and said ‘I was packing up school stuff and this old cell phone cord of mine I do not need – here you go.’

And there it was – the night before I needed it – the cord to my blue-tooth headset.

Now if I can only remember to plug it in and charge it on a regular basis.

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