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You know I have been doing this marketing stuff for a while now.

Almost as long…. nope… not nearly as long as I have been farming.

I figure… I’ve been farming since I was 5 or 6, well maybe 7.  Depends how you figure it.

I was definitely feeding chickens and pigs at 5 and 6, if that counts.

But I know for a fact that at 7 I was driving tractor. That summer I was the one driving the old JD 70, pulling the hay rack while Dad and my sisters were loading bales.

Yep, the good old 70 pound hay bales.  Those sisters of mine were strong.

That JD 70 was easy to drive, just stick it into gear, and push the manual hand clutch forward slowly until she took off. (My sisters always complained I didn’t do it slow enough, and the jerk would land them on their ass on the Hay Rack…. not my fault).

Well, by the next summer, they had me lifting those hay bales, so no more driving.

Anyway.. back to marketing.. yep, I have done this for over 30 years I would say.

Built my first website back in the 90’s.

Created my first ad in the late 80’s.

Wrote my first newsletter sometime back then too.

So… it’s kinda grown on me.

Well, the point is.. you gotta learn it, you gotta take your time, you gotta do things right!

And you just gotta keep practicing, and getting better and better.

And the biggest GOTTA, is things keep changing… yep.. they sure do.

So now, I am doing lots of stuff with Social Media of course, and now using AI (Artificial Intelligence).

And I have this amazing Marketing Automation tool that uses AI, uses social media, uses email and text, and does damn near everything for you… Well… ‘cept actually putting together amazing marketing Strategies.

Cuz, if you don’t think through what you want to accomplish, the best tools in the world won’t do you a damn bit of good.

That’s where the head on your shoulders is the BEST tool you got!

Ask me…. I will tell you.

Yep, ask me whatever you want, I like questions, and I like helping people out!

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