First Impression

A Classy and stylish Logo – is that what it takes to make a good first impression?

Yes . . . but not only that.

It is true, you need high quality graphics in your  signage, displays, advertising and any other marketing materials.  You need these marketing items created professionally and looking their best.

But that VERY IMPORTANT first impression goes way beyond graphics, style and marketing items.

It includes things like your location, your cleanliness, good maintenance (no squeaky doors).

As well your product will be a huge part of the first impression – you must have the right quality, quantity and product attributes that your target customer desires.

And finally, of utmost importance is the people in your business.  Not just yourself, or your salesman, but everyone, from the receptionist to the janitor.  The service people are especially important, as they help to bring a level of trust to the customer, and they are often forgotten when it comes to sales and communication training.

So be sure to look at all aspects of your business – when making that very important first impression.

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