Five ways to Increase your Public Persona

The age of celebrity is upon us!

We all need to conquer our fears and put our best face forward to build up our image, create our public persona.  Small business owners face this challenge on a daily basis, and with the digital divide in front of them, they need to find ways to cross the chasm.

Here are five ways to position yourself as the expert in your industry – ways to put yourself in the spotlight and let your abilities shine.

  1. Dig deep into your own interests and expertise and come up with some quality facts or research and let othersunder the spot light know about this great information.  This may be about going back to you school days, or it may entail checking out the latest changes in your industry.  Put this information together in some type of format such as a white paper, video documentary, or an article for a trades journal. Then go the next step and write a press release to announce your enlightening information.
  2. Work with your local school or college and develop an award or a training program.  Have the requirements related to your industry.  You may even have the applicants do specific tasks for you or others in the industry or local community.  Again follow up with a press release about the results.
  3. Get some media exposure by creating top 10 lists.  These are quick and easy to create and the media love that as great filler pieces.  If you don’t get published your first try, distribute more widely, or create a different top 10 list and try again.
  4. Take some time to write your own success story by telling people what is unique and newsworthy about you.  Make it interesting, include life events, even include stories or even quotes about others in your industry or community.  Then distribute this to the media, trades journals and online sources.  Let them all know you are open for interviews.  Announce your story with a press release of course.
  5. Do your own research via a survey.  You can do it the old fashioned way – get out in person and do interview with people right on the street. This can bring excellent exposure to your business along with great marketing information.  I would add to it by getting some video of your interviewing people and their answers to the questions – great marketing pieces. And if you want to go high-tech there are many online survey tools available that work great for generating good results.  Put all the results together into a white paper or article and distribute to the media, trades associations, and of course send out a press release with your findings.

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