Creating a Classified Advertising Website

I had set up a classified advertising website a number of years ago using DeltaScripts PHP Calssifieds. I was really very happy with this script, but as times change, it has not seemed to keep up with either the new developments in user friendliness nor the dropping price in scripts.

Therefore it was time to take a look at other options for a classified advertising website.

I first looked at Noah Classifieds as it was directly installable from cPanel using Fantastico. I was not overly impressed with the admin features, nor the support available on the Noah Classifieds site (no manual either online nor downloadable).

I did a search and came up with Open Classifieds – an open source classified advertising website script.  It looks worth trying so I will be installing and giving it a test run.

I also looked at using WordPress as a base for the website and then adding either a plugin or a theme that would enable it to be a classified advertising website.

I have a WPMUdev membership so I checked what they have – they offer a classifieds plugin for WordPress.  I downloaded and installed the plugin into a demo site and tested it out.  Very simple interface, easy to create ads, but not many extra features.  There is the option to extend the functionality using different content types such as post types, taxonomies and custom fields.  I think with the proper configuration this could actually be a great option, but it would take some work to configure properly.

There are a few other WordPress plugins that I may try including the BuddyPress Classifieds plugin.

I searched a bit more and come up with the following theme based classified advertising website options for WordPress;

I am going to have to go through the detailed features to decide which theme option is best.  ClassiPress is highly recommended, but will wait until I review them before I recommend one over the other.

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