Social Media for your Business

You created a Facebook page, or started posting on Instagram.

Some cool memes, quotes and other interesting stuff.

Starting mentioning your business and your services and how you can help people.

And now you are wondering what next??

It’s true what they say, organic reach, especially on Facebook, but really on all social platforms has dried up.

For the average business, you simply are not going to reach a whole lot of new customers on social media without spending some money on advertising.

So, is there any point in doing regular social media posting?


First of all, it is about the basics of building your brand.

Your existing customers or even new customers who hear about you (through referral or other means) are going to want to know who you are and what you offer, as well as what you stand for.

So you must have an active presence at some level on some of the social media sites.

Second, and even more important, it is about relationships.

Communicating with existing customers. Strengthening that bond.

And this can also lead to your original goal, bringing in some new clients.

Maybe not a torrent, but it could start with a trickle and start to build a steady stream.

Through the modern day referral marketing – aka sharing…..

You need to be on Social Media, it is as important as having a website.

And you also need to have a strategy in place as to what you are posting, when, and how you are interacting.

A good strategy is a mix of both art and science

It is much like cooking, many people can cook a dish or even a decent meal.

The best chefs can put the right combination of foods together (appies, courses, deserts, even wines and drinks) to make an amazing unforgettable experience.

This is what you need for your Social Media, create that experience, to get the best results for your business.

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