Sync or Swim

Though I would share with you a few cool tools that I use to sync information between different locations. Some if it on a daily basis – other stuff only now and then.

First – and I am really enjoying this – is the ability to sync my calendar anywhere, anytime, on any computer or other tool I use (for me – my Iphone).

This even works if you hare in a corporate setting where you have a Microsoft mail exchange server – it will sync that too.

The core of it all is Google – when you sign up for a Gmail account you also have access to their online calendar. They then offer a great little download called Google Calendar Sync. Simply download and install on your home computer and your work computer and it will sync your Outlook calendar to your Gmail calendar. It does it automatically on a schedule you can set yourself.

Then to get your Iphone in on it, simply go to your Calendar setting and choose Google Calendar as your online tool of choice.

Of course you have to enter account names and passwords for every step of the way, but that is the norm.

After it is all set up, you never should miss a meeting.

Another sync type tool that I just LOVE is FoxMarks. This syncs all my bookmarks between various computers. That means all my bookmarks on my home computer are the same as my laptop and the same as my computer at work. Again simple as set up an account and start syncing – all automatic.

Finally there is GoodSync. This is a program that will sync any two folders and update all the changed files, deleted files, new files to the most recent copy. It works great between my laptop and my home computer. But I also use it on an 8 GB memory stick for important work that I need at home and the office. Super simple to use – simply choose the two folders – click analyze – check if everything looks good (I have never seen it get the wrong files copied) and then press sync. Within seconds you have everything to the latest files.

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