Timely.is retiring

I was just at a site I use for scheduling tweets on Twitter. – Timely.is is a free service that allows you to enter your tweets in advance and it then puts them out on your Twitter timeline over the coming days.  A simple and effective service to stay in contact with your Twitter followers.

Unfortunately Timely has decided to quit offering their service.  It is unfortunate as it was a good service.

A few options for replacing Timely.is

  •  Hootsuite a very comprehensive tool that allows you to monitor and post on a number of social networks.
  • Buffer is a very user friendly application – I love the chrome app to add tweets to both Twitter and Facebook.
  • Gremlin looks very interesting – it does Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn (bonus).  It has analytics.  Has a free options– but with ads. But the first paid version is only $6/month for 10 profiles.
  • FutureTweets – this is free and looks similar to Timely.
  • Twuffer – don’t know as much about this one.

I will have to test out a few of these services.  As I find out more – will let you know.

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