Website Analysis

Have you taken a look at your website lately?

No I don’t actually mean at the pretty side….

I am talking about underneath the hood?

First off, I sure hope that you are keeping up on WordPress UPDATES!!!!

Not only for the extra functionality the updates often bring, but even more important, stopping any security vulnerabilities that might be lurking.

And there is always lots of them.

So, have a plan in place to weekly check for updates, and make sure they also do not inadvertently affect any of the functionality of your website. You never know when a conflict will arise.

Your analytics are the next thing you should be looking at on a regular basis.

The best thing is to see a gradual and sustainable increase in traffic to your website. Always watch for spikes, either down or even up. Find out what causes them.

But go a bit deeper, how long are people spending on your website? What pages are they visiting? Are they following what you believe is your sales path through your site?

And where is that traffic coming from? Direct type in? Google My Business? Search? Social Media?

Know what is working to bring visitors, and what is not.

And, can you see that the traffic is actually turning into sales??

Website Analysis is vital, getting deep into it is important for the long run.

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