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There is a very important link at the top of your Facebook profile that many people are not using properly – the link to your employer.

As this is prime online real estate as well as top of mind for many people when they think of you (‘I know Sarah, she works at ABC Clothing Co.’) you should have this link properly formatted.  It is set up to go to an organization that would employ you.  That could be a group page, a Facebook Fan page or a community page.  The problem is that Facebook often does not know or recognize your business (or you don’t have a Facebook Fan page for your business) when you enter in your Facebook Profile employer information.

To fix this I created this detailed instructions – as it sometimes works out very easy, but at other times Facebook does not want to recognize your Facebook Fan page in it’s employer search box.  Go check it out >> http://www.zedbiz.com/socialmedia/facebook-employer.htm so you can set up your Facebook profile correctly.

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