Goals for your Website

Before you create your website there is one thing that will make the difference between success and struggle… …setting the right goals. What are your website goals? What do you want your website to accomplish? Here are some potential goals to consider: Keep clients and prospects up to date Share news about your industry Sell a product/products Sell a service Journal your thoughts, ideas or knowledge about a topic. Discuss a topic you’re passionate about Entertain Promote the products of others (affiliate marketing) Provide a community for shared interests Consider also where you see your website a year, five years and ten years from […]

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High Impact Conversatons on Social Media

Last post I stressed the importance of making deeper connections when using social media.  You want it to be a personal experience where you build caring relationships. But you also want social media to go beyond just ‘friendship’. The way to do that is through using high impact questions and follow up replies.  This will build a high impact conversation that will attract other similar minded individuals who can and will be excellent potential clients. High impact questions are questions that go beyond the weather, sports, or the latest celebrity embarrassment (we all remember Shania at the Country Music Awards). Ask people questions that

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Communication Problems in Business

The one problem area in communication that still gives me the heebie jeebies is email. I use it every day – tons!!! But . .. it is so easy to make a mistake, say the wrong thing, convey the wrong meaning. **  ** Catch this post in Video ** ** The problem is there is not tonality – you can’t hear inflection that defines so much meaning in what people say.  Sure we can add those little variations of smiley faces – but do they really do the job. I see it in my coworkers as well – some jump in with both feet,

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First Impression

A Classy and stylish Logo – is that what it takes to make a good first impression? Yes . . . but not only that. It is true, you need high quality graphics in your  signage, displays, advertising and any other marketing materials.  You need these marketing items created professionally and looking their best. But that VERY IMPORTANT first impression goes way beyond graphics, style and marketing items. It includes things like your location, your cleanliness, good maintenance (no squeaky doors). As well your product will be a huge part of the first impression – you must have the right quality, quantity and product

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