Jack Zenert Top Buys

Jack Zenert Top

  1. TurboMembership

    John Delavera has created the Ultimate Membership Site!
    It has 17 modules that give you everything you need to create, build,
    and succeed online.

  2. Rich-Jerks

    Noah Fleming has put together an excellent resource site!
    Noah researches and finds products across the internet that help you
    to run your business.

  3. Design
    Dashboard by Marlon Sanders

    Marlon Sanders has done it again!
    He put together the absolute best solution for creating websites. Step
    by step – click and build to get your site looking better than 90% of
    the websites out there.

  4. Free
    Google Ads

    I recently purchased this one and decided to mention it here.
    It is an excellent ebook filled not only with the SECRET to getting
    PPC ads for free (Google adword, and Yahoo and MSN), but also some great
    info about PPC advertising in general.
    But the top reason it is here is that it makes you realize that there
    are new ideas and new strategies just below your nose, and you have
    to open your eyes just a little bit wider to see them. Don’t be scared
    to think outside the box.

  5. Traffic
    From Scratch

    This is an excellent ebook that shows some different ways to get more
    traffic, and better use the traffic that you already have. Written by
    an expert in marketing websites in the adult industry – he really knows
    his stuff.

  6. Edmund Lo – 750 PLR Bundle

    Edmund Loh had just released the *Full* Private Label Rights to a brand
    new, ‘never released before’ package of 750 Traffic Tactics.
    With this package, you can now cash in on the market’s #1 demand
    i.e. Traffic Generation! What this means is that literally ANYONE with
    a website can be your potential customer! All the writing, copywriting
    and graphic designing had been done for you, so you don’t have
    to. And you can get instant access to 750 Traffic Tactics with Full
    Private Label Rights for almost *next to nothing*.

  7. coming soon . . .

I also purchased John
Reese’s Traffic Secrets Version 1
. He just sold out the remaining
150 copies of this amazing program – as he is going to be relasing Traffic
Secrets Version 2 later this summer.

This is a physical package that contains workbooks, cd’s dvd’s, binders,
etc. It is an awesome course. I am only a quarter of the way through the
material. IT would definitely be on my top list – but it is now SOLD OUT.
When version 2 is out I will be letting you know.

Onward and Upward!

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