Building your Personal Online Brand

Your online personal brand is increasing daily in value.  Sites like Klout attempt to measure that brand,  Whether they do a good job or not is yet to be decided.

If you plan to expand your influence a strong brand online is necessary.  Here are the tools you need to create and build your online personal brand.

Facebook – yes Facebook can be powerful for brand building.  It is the number one social media site, therefore if you want to reach a hungry crowd – that crowd will be on Facebook somewhere.

LinkedIn – although not as big as Facebook in shear numbers – the business aspect of LinkedIn makes it one of the top tools for building your personal online brand.

YouTube – I believe that creating a channel on YouTube and adding videos regularly to that channel should be your number three strategy.  Primarily as videos are now ranking very well in regular Google searches.

Twitter – although I am on Twitter, I am not a Twitter expert. I still believe that it is a piece of your personal online brand that you need to have in place.

Blog – Yes you need a personal blog.  You don’t need to write 3 page essays – simple short paragraph or two posts on a regular basis will help your personal online brand immensely.

Other tools that are very helpful in this process include Klout, Namecheck, Squarespace, HootSuite, Rapportive and tumblr.

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