Post Gone – and forgotten

Yesterday I wrote a fairly long post about Change. It was a good one, in my opinion. I talked about how people ususally do not embrace change, rather they avoid it. But they should go after it. Change equals opportunity!

I also talked about ways to change your attitudes toward change. And ways to encourage change in your life.

Then I hit the wrong button, and the post was gone!

I wanted to re-create that post, but I could not. It was original thoughts, that were flowing out of me, from ideas and feelings at the time. It may come to me again, but I cannot force it.

So today, I want to mention a couple items that I want to focus on in the near future.

I want to go over a number of essential tools that are needed for online success. Some are new, some are old, but all are essential.

Speaking about essential tools, just a qualifier. I recommend what I have used, and what I like. I will often talk about, or do a minor review on items I haven’t used, but have heard alot about, and have researched about what they do and don’t do.

So does this mean you should buy everything I recommend.

I would hope that you value my opinion enough to buy it, but I know that is not realistic. So I just hope you take the information I give you and use it wisely in your buying decision.

Also many people ask me why I sometimes recommend a complex or expensive tool when a cheaper one, or even a free one will do the job.

Well compare it to building a house. You can pound all the nails in with a hammer, but if you get an Air Nailer, you will be much more efficient. If you only have a picnic table to build, a regular hammer will suffice, and it probably is not worth the expense of buying an Air Nailer along with the needed Compressor.

Another analogy. If you are hemming a pair of pants, a needle and thread will suffice. But if you have 20 pairs of pants, I would recommend a sewing machine. And if you are making a new dress every month, then you definitely need a sewing machine.

The same is true with internet marketing. The smaller and cheaper tools may work in your situation, depending on what you plan to do. But if the job is big, or complex, the right tools can save you time, money and frustration.

all the best

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