Not a Cute Kitty

I have come to realize that in the world of social media – I am at a distinct disadvantage.

I am a guy – so I will admit that guys are not as pretty as girls. So in a world where every time you make a post, comment or tweet, they see your face, of course people would rather look at a pretty lady vs. my mug.
I’m getting up there in age – my six-pack is long gone – my hair is almost gone, and I don’t have the money in my bank account to make up for it (right Donald).

My buds aren’t on social media. The guys I have hung out with over the years, played hockey, gone to college, worked at jobs and farming – they just ain’t on Facebook much – and they sure ain’t tweeting (or not admitting to it).

I don’t love cute kitty pictures. I don’t rave over heart breaking videos of kids singing a song. I don’t post a lot of inspirational quotes on mountainside backgrounds that take your breath away. That just ain’t me. So I don’t get the comments and shares that the more emotional gender get.

I am not that chatty. I don’t tell others when I feel sick, I don’t have thoughts for today, nor do I comment on the food I am about to eat. So again I am left out of those conversations that seem to fill up many Facebook Walls and Twitter feeds.

I don’t like shoes – so Pinterest really isn’t for me.

So – you can see – I am not a prime candidate for social media. I am at a bit of a disadvantage. People don’t want to see my face too much. If I make the wrong comment on the wrong wall, people think I am creeping their page.

I have a hard time posting the stuff that people usually see on social media.

So I see the challenge – but the problem is I want to be involved. I love the whole social aspect – much like I loved hanging out for coffee back in college, or going to the bar when I was young. Social media is cool – and I love to hang with people.

I want social media where I can make a comment that is thoughtful. I want to answer people’s questions. I want to discuss ideas.

I look for those opportunities – sometime finding them in topic specific groups, sometimes in forums. But they are few and far between.

Maybe somebody needs to start a social network for guys ideas – and don’t worry – we always are ok with letting the ladies in. 🙂

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