Warrior Forum

If you marketing information products online you have probably heard about the Warrior Forum.  This forum was started many years ago by Allan Says.  It has evolved over time to keep up with the culture of the internet marketing business.

At one time it was a place where spammers shared their best secrets – of course at that time – early in the beginning of the internet – spamming was not a bad thing.  It was simply how people made money online (late 1990’s).

The Warrior Forum evolved into a discussion of advanced marketing secrets and advice.  When I joined the Warrior Forum it was not being openly shared with the general public.  It was by referral invitation only.  There was a large number of heavy hitters in the internet marketing game posting at that time so the quality of posts was simply amazing.  Some great discussions that at times were quite conflicting in their ideals.

The Warrior Forum has now grown to be one of the biggests and most active forums on the internet.  It is widely known for the quality of information along with the ability to sell your goods.  They have a section called Warrior Special Offers where you can list information products that you have created personally and sell them (check out my latest WSO right now – Facebook How To Guide).

The Warrior Forum has also added many other sections based on topics of interest – such as SEO, Adsense, Offline Marketing and more.

It is well worth checking out.

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